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Sift Discovery Showcases RelativityOne's Powerful Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows prove to be an essential tool for reducing customer expenses and improving litigation outcomes

Portland, OR (04/13/2023)

In just the last three months, we’ve saved a customer 77,572 minutes (53.87 days), 40,820 clicks, and $226,251. How did we leverage RelativityOne’s Automated Workflows to do this? We used 13,609 automated actions for this client, reducing the administrative burden on PMs, freeing up time to complete highly specialized work. Rather than spending time doing mundane and repetitive tasks, PMs are able to focus more time on high value work, improving customer outcomes. 


Automated Workflows, available exclusively on RelativityOne, lets users automate tasks in workspaces that previously required manual actions to complete. Using RelativityOne’s Automated Workflows also reduces the chance of human error. 


Some critical processes that can benefit from Automated Workflows are:

  • Structured Analytics 

  • Conceptual Analytics 

  • Search

  • Imaging

  • OCR

When used well, RelativityOne’s Automated Workflows can be one of the most significant drivers of cost reduction in eDiscovery. The proof is in the data; our team’s ability to repeatedly architect and successfully implement these tools reduces client costs and improves their litigation outcomes.

Contact Us to see how Automated Workflows can improve your eDiscovery process.

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