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Review Services

We operate with one purpose: to manage litigation cost of document review. As attorneys, we cannot help but approach every matter as stewards of our client’s resources. With this as our defining philosophy, you can focus on winning your case instead of worrying about managing a myriad of litigation support vendors.

Unparalleled Managed Review

We specialize in reviewing massive data sets and have reviewed millions of records for production, trial prep, and internal investigations all around the globe. Our experience allows us to develop and test workflows for efficiency and effectiveness. No matter your situation, we've got you covered.

Long gone are the days when you could competently staff a document review with paralegals, recent law grads, or attorneys in transition. Data volume has exploded, and with it, the complexity of the tools and workflows needed to efficiently manage a review. Our attorneys don't just dabble at document review - they love it. Our attorneys are highly experienced in leveraging technology to assist their review.  Many are career trial attorneys, dedicated eDiscovery attorneys, or even former judges (we often staff privilege reviews with former judges who are accustomed to making privilege calls quickly and accurately).  


We can manage reviews using your attorneys or ours; it's entirely up to you. Our teams handle the first pass review or Technology Assisted Review to conserve your client’s litigation budget and allow more of your time to be dedicated to the business of winning the case. Show your clients that you are saving them money where you can without sacrificing quality and you will get more work from them.

Exceptional Reporting

We believe the key to managing litigation cost is intelligent resource allocation. Our data scientists track everything about your project, allowing us to rapidly pinpoint inefficiencies and make corrections in real-time.


We compile this data and provide periodic reports to our clients. These reports provide customers with exceptional insight into every project. In every report, we analyze our own performance and make recommendations on how our clients could more effectively manage cost. Our clients often tell us that our heightened reporting gives them an easy way to know their matters are being handled properly, allowing them to focus on winning.  

On-Demand Attorneys 

Our attorneys have expertise in nearly every review platform on the market today, have experience managing extremely complex coding panels, and have the ability to review in almost every language.

We can typically staff any size team within 48 hours of our first engagement.

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