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Managed Review Services

We operate with one purpose: to manage litigation cost of document review. As attorneys, we cannot help but approach every matter as stewards of our client’s resources. With this as our defining philosophy, you can focus on winning your case instead of worrying about managing a myriad of litigation support vendors.

Proven Track Record

Our document review teams have been involved in some of the largest cases in the country - reviewing over 100 million records. 


Unlike other eDiscovery service providers, our goal is not to rack up review or PM hours.  Instead, we use all our tools and leverage AI to conduct review better, faster, and more efficiently. 

Our review methods and TAR protocols have been accepted and affirmed by court and government agencies.  Our attorneys have also provided input and testimony to judges upon request.

As seasoned trial attorneys with technological expertise, we are able to focus on the complexities of discovery while you focus on winning your case. 

Sift Automated Workflow (S.A.W.)

Sift has developed the Sift Automated Workflow (S.A.W.) using the RelativityOne platform. This proprietary technology moves documents from review stage to review stage largely without the involvement of hourly technicians, putting review back into the hands of the attorneys where it belongs and reducing costs.


When coupled with Analytics and TAR, the S.A.W. can rapidly cut through millions of documents in relatively short periods of time.

On-Demand Attorneys 

Our attorneys have expertise in nearly every review platform on the market today, have experience managing extremely complex coding panels, and have the ability to review in almost every language.

We can typically staff any size team within 48 hours of our first engagement.

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