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Our partnership with IPRO, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery software, paired with our on-premise data center, provide increased value and security. It also allows us to reduce cost and pass those saving on to you. 

IPRO, our eDiscovery platform

We are an IPRO partner with our own on-premise data center, providing customers with increased value and security. This allows us to reduce cost and pass savings on to you. 

Trial Director

Create compelling, persuasive, and winning stories

Trial Director allows you to present a polished, professionally created story and highlight the key evidence in your case. You can emphasize important facts and evidence using the call out feature or dissect and play crucial testimony from depositions. Trial Director allows you to present your most compelling argument using seamless technology.

Organize your case presentation in one place

With Trial Director, you can centrally store your case, transcripts, video testimony, and other evidence, and organize exhibits in smart workbooks. Securely collaborate in real-time with your trial team and all key stakeholders, including outside counsel, in house counsel, and expert witnesses. Trial Director's access controls make sure only the right people see the right things, and all data is synced in real time.  

IPRO, our powerful eDiscovery platform

Actionable Insights From Review

AI Driven Review

Use IPRO's AI to find relevant documents up to 3x faster than competitors.

Sort by Relevance

Train the Active Learning Model with your coding decisions, and let IPRO classify and feed you relevant data so you get to what you need, faster.

Identify Issues Faster

Users can quickly identify any issues with previous reviewer coding decision to resolve them sooner.

AI Informed Forecasting

IPRO's AI will let you know the extent of upcoming relevant documents to show you how much work you have left.

Segmented, but Simultaneous Reviews

With IPRO, different team members can review separate review passes at the same time, allowing the QC team to provide feedback in real-time. 

Control Growing Data Sizes Before Review

Reduce Data Size, Maximize ROI

IPRO allows you to filter down growing data sizes before collection by connecting directly to an external data source first. Then use IPRO's speed for expedited Early Case Assessment and review.

Once the data has been collected, IPRO’s Early Case Assessment tool allows you to quickly filter out junk emails or spam that doesn’t contribute to your case, limiting your hosted data footprint. Users can also easily identify gaps in data from specific custodians or date ranges.

Industry Leading Processing

Defensible Workflows and Output
IPRO's Automated Workflows

Create Automated Workflows with IPRO to streamline complex processes all on machine time, reducing human time and error.

Defensible work product is crucial in eDiscovery. Know that you get industry leading quality in workflow and work product with IPRO. IPRO allows you to identify and resolve low quality files, create a chain of data custody to track data at all stages of the eDiscovery process ensuring you avoid unintended manipulation. 

Reduce Your Data Set

With automated workflows, you can reduce large amounts of unnecessary data, reducing time and expense. You can also normalize metadata from many different sources to streamline your workflow.

IPRO allows you to effectively deduplicate data, while tracking all custodians associated with the files. You can also identify nearly identical documents so you can code them once, saving you time in review.

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